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SJS Honors Mary for the Month of May

May has always been a month to honor Our Mother Mary in the Church.  Throughout this month, SJS students have been doing many activities centered around Mary, our Blessed Mother.

In Pre-K the students were introduced to some crafts related to our Heavenly Mother.  At the same time, they also learned to pray the Hail Mary and started building their foundation into the Catholic Faith.

Our 3 year olds created beautiful images of Mary with their families using a variety of mediums and what they had learned.

Our 4 year-olds made a beautiful craft about Queen Mary and they were encouraged to be as creative as they could, some  others were learning the Hail Mary by solving a puzzle. Introducing young children to religion can be fun, creative, and educational.

Kindergarten students read and researched different Biblical passages about Our Mother Mary.  Those stories included:  The Annunciation, The Visitation, The Nativity, The Boy Jesus in the Temple, and The Wedding Feast at Cana.  Then, they had to draw a picture and write a sentence retelling the event.

First graders participated in an activity that focused on thinking about Mary when she was a young child like them and to create a birthday card for the young Mary.  Students created beautiful images and sentimental messages!

To start the month off, 2nd and 3rd grade students created their very own paper Mary statue with a flower crown to place on her head for May crowning. They also watched videos, and spent time praying and writing the Hail Mary prayer. The students completed a Hail Mary crossword puzzle and shared with each other why Mary is so special to them.

Fourth grade was given a challenge to find items within their house that represented Mary or reminded them of Mary.  Students located rosaries, pictures, metals and bibles as part of this activity.

Fifth grade was challenged to create a decade of the rosary.  Students were quite creative as they used pins and beads, made paper chain rosaries, drew chalk rosaries in their driveway and even used gummy candies, just to name a few.

The 6th graders, as the earth sprang into bloom,  started thinking of the many ways they  could celebrate Mary using nature.  Some activities the students worked on, and continue to create, include: an indoor altar to Mary, a mini garden including a statue of Mary, a “May Day” basket themed for Mary, the creation of a rosary, and practicing the prayers of the rosary with their families.  May is a special month for 6th grade because they are able to celebrate Mary along with their own mothers.  The students have created beautiful projects and reflected in prayer during this month dedicated to Mary.

Throughout distance learning, teachers and students have had to find creative ways to complete lessons and show mastery and the results so far have been impressive!  What a wonderful month it has been honoring Our Blessed Mother!

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