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5th Grade

Jeffers Journal

Week of February 12th – February 16th

Happy Valentine’s Day! Never forget how GREAT you can be or how AMAZING you already are.  Please come to school each day with an open mind, positive “I can” attitude, a friendly smile, and eager to be a member of our team!  

Important Dates to Remember:

February 13th: Mardi Gras/Valentine’s Day Party

February 14th: Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday Mass with Father Pat

February 19th-February 23rd: February Vacation

February 26th: Mass with Father Pat

March 1st: Read Across America Day

March 8th: A Knight Out Event

March 15th: Professional Development (No School or CASE)

March 17th: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

 Here’s a breakdown of our learning:

  1. Math: Its important children learn math facts for addition/subtraction and multiplication/division with the goal of automatic recall. The theme of our topic is Fractions!  What is a fraction?  What are the names for the parts of a fraction? The key vocabulary words they will be learning are: numerator, denominator, sum, difference, and mixed number. To begin the week, we are going to review what we have learned about fractions and mixed numbers. Can you add fractions when the denominators are different? How do you find a common denominator?  We are also going to use the problem solving strategy Model with Math to help us solve word problems.  The Topic 7 Math Test will be on Wednesday, February 14th.  Our next topic involves Multiplying Fractions!  The first lesson explores how to multiply a fraction by a whole number.  To wrap up the week, they will practice multiplying a whole number by a fraction.  Students will continue to work on independent lessons which reinforce previously learned concepts and skills on I-Ready Math each day.
  2. English Language Arts:
    1. Grammar: Students will learn how to proofread their writing for subject-verb agreement, capital letters, and punctuation using the proofreading symbols. What is an adjective? Have you ever heard of demonstrative adjectives? How can adjectives compare?  Are there special key words to use with adjectives that compare?  We read articles in magazines, but did you know that there are articles in sentences?  What are they? A test will be given on Friday, February 16th to determine students understanding of verbs, adjectives, and articles.
    2. Vocabulary: Each week students have 12 new vocabulary words and complete different activities each day (sentence completion, synonym/antonym, matching, word meaning, and context clues).
    3. Reading: An important skill we will be practicing is reading articles or passages and answering comprehension questions. We have been learning that reading is not just about reading the words on the page it involves so many other pieces like asking questions, making connections, using context clues to help determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.
    4. Summary: A summary is a short retelling of a text. It only includes the most important details.  A useful strategy to help you when writing a summary is: “Somebody Wanted But So Then (SWBST).”  Who is the main character? (Somebody) What did the main character want? (Wanted) What is the problem (But) How does the character try to solve the problem? (So) How does the story end? (Then) We will practice writing summaries in class this week and students will be asked to write a summary each night and turn it in the next day.
    5. Morphology: Word structure and construction are the building blocks of learning how to spell words. It is also important to learn the different prefixes and suffixes that change the meaning of words. Students will be completing word ladders and other activities to help build their spelling skills.
  3. Writing: This week the writing train will be celebrating the success of the completion of our second writing unit of the year which is Explanatory Writing. All students will have the opportunity to share their writing with their classmates!
  4. Social Studies: To wrap up our exploration of the United States and Canada we are going to learn about the economic regions of Canada and also the environmental issues of both areas. Do you know the names of the different economic regions in Canada? What are fossil fuels? What are the effects of global warming? You are going to need your passport to depart the United States and head to Latin America! What are the landforms in Latin America? In our second lesson, we are going to learn about the different waterways like the Panama Canal and other important rivers.  To end the week, we are going to learn about the natural resources in Latin America. Hope you are enjoying your visit to Latin America! Do you know why it is warmer there in the winter?
  5. Black History Month: The month of February honors Black History Month. It recognizes the countless Black men and women who contributed to the advancement of human civilization. It honors their triumphs and struggles. We will learn about a different African American man or woman each day.
  6. Religion: To start the week, we are going to read about Saint John Bosco. In what ways did he follow Jesus’ command to be a light or others?  We will review what we have learned about the Communion of Saints in order to take our test on Monday, February 12thAsh Wednesday marks the start of the season of Lent.  We will learn about Lent and also attend Stations of the Cross.  The theme of Chapter 12 is We Pray the Lord’s Prayer.  Why is it important to pray?  Did you know that when you pray you are talking and listening to God which is something you can do at anytime?  Why does God our Father want us to bring our needs and requests to him in prayer? Do you have a special place and time when you pray?
  7. Google Classroom: Students have joined my Google Classroom and will use it throughout the year to complete assignments and quizzes in English/Language Arts, Math, Religion, Science, and Social Studies. Please check with your son/daughter to show you what they have been doing.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send me an email.
  8. Fifteenth Mass of the School Year: On Wednesday, February 14th we will be attending Mass with Father Pat at 9:15 to celebrate Ash Wednesday. Your son/daughter needs to wear his/her dress uniform. Everyone is invited to attend.
  9. Altar Server Training: Altar Server training with Father Pat will resume after Mass. Students will be scheduled to serve at our school masses on Mondays.